Erectile Dysfunction in Men

According to WHO statistics, erectile dysfunction occurs in 10% of men after the age of 21 and in one-third of all representatives of the stronger sex after the age of 60. And this figure continues to increase. However, only 22% of men seek professional advice from a doctor and only 36% of this number engage in the proposed treatment. Most take independent attempts to combat the problem, using questionable medications with unproven efficacy. Such an approach gives at best a short-term effect, and at worst leads to a complete lack of sexual function. To avoid the risk of irreversible changes and serious complexes about sexual inability, it is necessary to go to the urologist for an appointment when the following warning signs appear:

  • Lack of erection in the morning;
  • Rapid ejaculation;
  • Inability to achieve a full erection during masturbation;
  • Slow speed of an erection even with strong sexual arousal.

Causes and treatment

Erectile dysfunction in men, resulting from pathological changes of organic nature, develops gradually. Usually it is accompanied by a fading interest in sexual activity. A more complicated situation is the presence of psychogenic problems (depression, stress, psychological trauma, chronic fatigue, etc.). The majority of such patients still have an erection in the morning and the possibility of self-satisfaction, and the characteristic disorders are observed exactly in the process of intimacy with a partner. In pathologies of the mixed type, both of the above-mentioned factors become the cause.

Among the main risks that provoke male potency dysfunction are:

  • smoking for a long period of time;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypertension;
  • heart ischemia;
  • depression;
  • neuroses and other mental disorders;
  • the period of adaptation of the body in case of a sudden change in lifestyle and diet;
  • taking certain medications;
  • sedentary work;
  • consequences of trauma;
  • surgical interventions in the genital area.

Heavy depression leads to erectile dysfunction in about 25% of cases. This is especially true for young and middle-aged people. In such situations, treatment of erectile dysfunction in men must be comprehensive and include regular visits to a psychotherapist. Organic dysfunctions are much more common. If you are looking for a quick solution to the problem, you can buy drugs at