Legan: The new range of food supplements

Legan presents its new range of food supplements, an efficient range due to the fact that the products are refined in France using natural active ingredients.

Thanks to its 100% hyaluronic acid treatment, Hyaluro120 +, the new range offers the skin its plump appearance.

For the care of hair and nails, the brand offers a product called Regenr8, a perfect pure solution combating the weakening of the nails resulting from the effects of the change of season or periods of pregnancy … and this through its special rich formula in grape seed oil from vitamins, nettle extract and also brewer’s yeast.
For the slimming side, Legan offers its Accel8, an ideal product to increase fat consumption during exercise thanks to its herbal formula. The range also offers another product which is DTX8 which plays the role of promoting the functioning of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, always in a natural way.

Legan also donates ten herbs to create Draino10, a diluted, draining, high-boosting and satiety-regulating drink.

Legan’s new range also targets well-being through three products, the first is Oxylife4 to support the immune system, the second is Tribulus which offers an increase in sexual performance for men and Melatonin a dedicated product in stressful to get to sleep.

The new Legan Laboratories range is available on its website and also pharmacies.